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3. Differences between key types of writing- case notes, assessment reports, emails

You will come across many different types of texts that you have to write as part of your daily work which are essential. Of course exactly what you will have to write will depend on your particular area of social work. But there are three key types of writing that social workers carry out across all areas of practice: case notes, assessment reports and emails.

Look at the brief extracts taken from social workers’ writing. Which of the three key types of writing do they come from- case notes, assessment reports or emails? Drag and drop the extracts into the relevant box. As you do this consider your reasons for making your decisions, thinking about the content, the language and purpose of each text.

T/c from Drug Team. James has reoffended and is back in prison following an assault on his girlfriend. James's girlfriend is pregnant but refused to get an abortion which was when James assaulted her. Sarah has a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and experiences significant short term memory difficulties as well as disorientation to time, place and person. Sarah lacks insight into her needs and any risks faced. Hi, I have attempted to contact you by telephone but got your answer phone. As I explained in our last telephone conversation, we are unable to consider Peter’s application without further information regarding his mental health and risk assessments pertaining to this.
Text type Extract Notes- how identified
Case notes
Assessment report