A key way in which social workers represent the voices of other people, including service users is to include direct quotations. Read the examples below. In each case, the social worker quotes a word or words (shown in each example within speech marks ‘…’). Why do you think the social worker chose to indicate that she/he is quoting actual words used?

  1. Jim has told Freya to tell social care that the children are ‘full of shit’ and have lied about him.
  2. Cynthia stated she was ‘kicked out there and then’ as she had disobeyed her father.
  3. Hal stated Reuben would ‘kick off’ and I explained Hal can advise Reuben to speak to me about this.
  4. …this reduced to two or three nights a week as stated he was ‘no longer bothered’.
  5. Louise stated that she was ‘numb’ and wasn’t sleeping much as a result.
  6. … behaviour towards each other within the home however stated this was ‘sibling rivalry’.
  7. Beth describes that her mother was ‘completely devoted’ to the children
  8. Laura came down stairs mum shouted at her to get back in her room – Laura screamed ‘no!’ Mum went up to her and said are ‘you gonna stop this behaviour?’
  9. … get very angry when he is not allowed something and his behaviour was described as ‘planned’ and ‘manipulative’.
  10. When I asked Louis, “where do you live?”, Louis’s initial response was “a street”, I asked Louis where the street was and he said “near a beach”. I asked Louis again later in the conversation “where do you live?” and he stated “Barnaby Road”.