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3. The application of legal and policy guidance to writing

Read the following text which is an extract from a Care and Placement Plan for a Looked After Child. Hover your mouse over the highlighted sections to reveal the relevant policy / legislation underpinning the document and note down how you think this policy/legislation has informed the writing of the text.

Care Plan and Placement

Ideally the Care Plan should be prepared prior to placing the child; where this is not reasonably practicable it must be prepared within 5 working days of the start of the placement.

This Care and Placement Plan sets out the agency’s overall plan for the child/young person. When a child/young person is admitted to care, changes placement or is discharged from care; a Child Change of Circumstances episode should also be initiated, the CA4 team and other relevant health or education notifications must be completed.

Name: Craig Bowden
Date of Birth: 23/10/2012
Current LAC legal status of child: Interim care order
Reason for Care Plan and Placement Plan Status and Dates:
Reason for being looked after or requiring a Short Break Placement; including current family details:

The Local Authority have significant concerns regarding the domestic violence between Ms Bowden, mother, and Mr Mead, partner, and the emotional harm suffered by the children due to them being exposed to this. There are also significant concerns regarding physical harm to the children, specifically Craig and Shannon. The Local Authority have had on-going involvement with the family since February 2016 following their move to the area from [CITY] in January 2016. Shannon, Craig and Thomas have been subject to Child Protection plans with the Local Authority since May 2016 due to domestic violence between Mr Mead and Ms Bowden as well as allegations of physical chastisement by both patents.

Brief description of the child’s wishes with regards to being looked after and the placement

Craig has stated he wishes to remain in foster care and does not wish for contact with his mother. Craig did not wish to leave his previous foster placement and was upset by this, he also did not want to be separated from Thomas. Craig does appear settled in the current foster placement.
Date this version of plan; will next be subject to Statutory Review:


Name: Craig Bowden
Date of review: xx/xx/20xx
Social Worker: Rhianon Clark
Date of statutory visits: xx/xx/20xx

Update of decisions from previous review:

Ensure the IRO is notified of any plans to change the care plan or placement and any other significant issues.

We agreed that you no longer need to be subject to a Child Protection Plan.

We that agreed that you and your brother should live in separate foster placements and have regular contact. Craig and Thomas have remained in separate foster placements with regular contact since the last review.

You need to be registered with local GP.

Blood Borne Virus Check to be completed.

Appointment to be made with the dentist and Opticians. This has been completed.

We agreed that additional contact needs to take place between you and your brother and sister. This has taken place twice per week.

Craig is registered with a local GP and is supported by the School Nurse service. During the LAC medical it was recommended that Craig was referred to the Child Development Clinic at 6 years of age for an assessment of ADHD. It is felt that since being separated from Thomas and having clear routines and guidance in place Craig ‘s behaviour has improved. Craig will be assessed by the Court psychologist regarding any further support he requires.

Craig continues to attend school on a regular basis. Prior to entering into local authority foster care Craig ‘s attendance was 78% Craig does not receive support through an Education, Health and Care Plan [Children and Families Act of September 2014] however is receiving some intervention work for his speech as well as positive play and nurture interventions. Craig is performing below age related expectations at this time.

Craig has settled into his current foster placement, his behaviour has improved since being separated from Thomas however he does still struggle at times. More recently Craig has begun to show emotional warmth with his foster carer however can show outbursts of anger and frustration.

Craig currently has contact [The Children Act 1989] with his mother, brother, Thomas and sister Shannon twice per week. Craig also spends time with Thomas on occasions at a weekend. Craig has recently begun having contact with the father of Shannon, as requested by Craig. Initially Craig found contact sessions with his family members very difficult and would often show difficult behaviour within the sessions and appear distressed. Contact was suspended by the Local Authority due to these concerns however sessions have gradually increased from once per week to twice per week. Craig ‘s presentation and behaviour has improved in relation to the contact sessions and he now appears to enjoy the majority of these. However, Craig continues to struggle at times. Craig continues to show difficult and aggressive behaviours towards Shannon both within formal and informal contact sessions. Craig has appeared to enjoy the contact session with Thomas and has requested more of these.

There are no current safeguarding concerns.
Offending behaviour: There is no offending behaviour.
Risky behaviour:
There is no risky behaviour.
Views of child: .
Craig’s presentation and comments regarding his wishes and feelings vary on a regular basis. Initially Craig expressed dislike towards his mother and Thomas and stated he did not have any wish to see them. Currently Craig states he wishes to see his mother and Thomas and shows regular emotional warmth with her stating he loves her and regularly hugging and kissing her. Craig also states he wishes to return to his mother’s care. Craig can at times present as pleasant and engaging within visits however at other times refuses to speak and appears angry. Craig does appear comfortable within the foster placement and with his foster carer.

Craig’s foster carer feels he has settled into her care and his behaviour is improving. She does have some concerns regarding his behaviour continuing to be challenging at times and states contact between Craig and Shannon can be difficult.

Craig’s mother has not raised any concerns . regarding his care or placement. She is aware that Craig struggles with his anger and behaviour and attempts to manage this within contact sessions and feels Craig will need support in the future regarding this and his experiences.