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2. Thinking about the time you spend on writing

For this activity you will need to make a log of the time you spend writing over two days using the tool provided below. Before you begin, make a note of how many hours a day you estimate that you spend writing and when in the day this takes place. Then  try to log the actual writing that you do. You may also like to try and log whether your time on writing was interrupted (e.g. you started writing a case note then the phone rang) or uninterrupted. Once you have completed your two days of keeping a log of your writing, consider the following questions:

Approx time (from-to; Interrupted? Uninterrupted?) Place (office, home, car etc…) Medium (e.g. handwritten notes, phone, email, ICT system) Type of text (case notes, email, minutes of meeting…) Comments/reflections