The WiSP project found that there are typical features of the three key types of writing- case notes, assessment reports and emails- but there is also a lot of variation. An obvious variation is length- for example a case note might be two lines long or several pages- and will depend on the specific purposes of the particular case note.

Another variation is style. Exactly what is meant by ‘style’ is not straightforward but it refers to the type of language you use and the impression that this language creates- of you as a professional, of the people you are writing about, of your intended reader.

Think about style by looking at the examples from written texts and deciding which category you would put them under. Use the drag and drop function.

The chronology indicates that there is a pattern of domestic violence and concerns around alcohol use. T/C to father When Mary is low in mood she lacks motivation to complete daily tasks. Explained mum needs to check baby skin. Hello, hope all well with you a pattern of domestic violence/lacks motivation
STYLE- what it refers to STYLE- Examples
Formal language
Informal language
Professional language
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